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Where how and what are we doing in the world nowadays?

no+vello®, the indisputable world leader in hair removal treatments and photo rejuvenation, was born in Spain in 2007 and starts its development in franchising in 2008. Our business concept is based on the democratization of the permanent hair removal with IPL and now Diode Laser fusionning and merging 2 technologies generating another complete revolution in the world of aesthetics.

Our flat rate unisex IPL hair removal price policy; our thoughtful conviction to turn a luxury services into affordable to everybody; our deep knowledge acquired during the 10 last years rank no+vello® today among the Top 100 best franchise in the world.

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Our business model is currently operating in 16 countries completely different as from each other proving its absolute reliability: Spain, UK, Italy, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Poland, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia, Brazil, Sweden, Montenegro and Czech Republic opened over a 1000 premises.

The no+vello® international team is always seeking for new challenges in any country. We are constantly selecting our future Ambassadors providing them the full training and support to become successful entrepreneurs taking advantage of the consolidated knowhow from a first class brand.

We offer 2 main development schemes each and each one adapted to the requirements of every single country:

Master Franchisee or Multi Franchisee.


In both cases our local partners are in permanent contact with the industrial Spanish branch in Madrid or our Italian offices in Rome, both units constantly ensuring the required support that only a global franchise business can offer to warrant the development and performance of their respective local networks.

If you have the desire to run your own business in a fast growing sector contacts us!

If you want to run your own business in the aesthetic sector contacts us!

If you need any further info to study the options of becoming a no+vello® Master Franchisee or Multi Franchisee in your country, contacts us!

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Fotodepilación para pieles bronceadas

Sun&Safe es la tecnología patentada (Nº P201131087) por no+vello que permite depilar con tratamientos de fotodepilación de manera segura y eficaz pieles bronceadas. La depilación láser en verano es posible.

Con Sun&Safe, no+vello logra dar solución a todas las personas que, hasta ahora, habían renunciado a la depilación láser o depilación IPL en épocas de sol. Ahora es posible disfrutar de una piel libre de vello en cualquier época del año con total seguridad y eficacia en los tratamientos.

La tecnología Sun&Safe se ha desarrollado tras un exhaustivo estudio del departamento de I+D de no+vello, (integrado por médicos, ingenieros y diversos profesionales del sector), junto a empresas especializadas en IPL de EEUU e Israel.

Tras esos estudios se han realizado distintas modificaciones y mejoras en diversos materiales del equipo de los equipos no+vello y se han diseñado unos protocolos de trabajo que aseguran una depilación y segura en pieles bronceadas por el sol y rayos UVA.

Gracias a no+vello, podrás tomar el sol o rayos UVA hasta dos días antes y después del tratamiento. Luce una piel bronceada y libre de vello durante todo el año.

Esta tecnología innovadora es de última generación y ha conseguido que se pueda realizar una depilación duradera sobre pieles bronceadas, de forma segura y realmente eficaz.

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